“Now we meet the British man who went from training as a Buddhist monk to appearing on stage as a stand-up comedian. Sam Brady’s life has taken many twists and turns – he’s been divorced, found religion, and had to bring up his daughter after the death of his ex-wife – but somehow he manages to find humour in even the most challenging circumstances.” Matthew Bannister, BBC Radio 4

In 2002, I gave up my career as a management consultant – along with my home and all my possessions – and went to train for ordination as a Buddhist monk.

For 3 years, everything was great. I meditated and studied mindfulness and compassion during the week and, at weekends, hung out with my daughter, Lottie. Then, tragically, my ex-wife, Kathy, died quite suddenly. I left the Buddhist community and set up home with my daughter. Now I was a single dad and I needed a job.

Having spent 3 years in a Buddhist community contemplating the absurdity of the human condition, there was really only one job left open to me that made any sense – so I became a stand-up comedian. It was in the comedy clubs and, later, on the stages of the Edinburgh Fringe that I discovered a passion for performance and storytelling.

These days I am what is known in the trade as a “solo theatre maker“, which is a posh way of saying that I get paid for making up stories and prancing around on a stage, showing off.

I also speak at conferences and run courses in storytelling and communication.