“Nobody can be kind all of the time. But here’s the thing. No matter what your religion, or where you come from, or who you voted for – if you’re a human being, you have the capacity to do one kind thing that will change someone’s life forever.”
Sam Brady, in his stage show Kindness.

Simple human kindness is one of the most important qualities that we can develop. The ability to put your self-interest aside, become sensitive to the needs of another person and respond creatively to those needs is fundamental to our species’ ability to cooperate, communicate and build a civilisation. Many people around the world are working hard to celebrate and promote acts of kindness. If you value Kindness and want to help make it more central to our everyday lives, here are some organisations and resources in the UK that are worth exploring.

“Kindness UK is an independent, not-for-profit organisation based in London and considers itself the first point of call for initiatives, unbiased information and research on the subject of kindness.”

Kindness Day UK, 13th November, was set up in 2010 and is celebrated across the UK every year. This day aims to increase the value of kindness in society as well as increase the number of kind acts that take place nationwide, making kindness a greater part day to day life.

“It is our vision to create a more kind and caring society through the arts. We believe that being kind to one another is fundamental to making the world a better place. We also believe that the arts has a special and unique role in helping this to happen. From a neighbourly smile and a helping hand to ongoing ethical conduct and active altruism, kindness is demonstrated in many different ways. Whereas a lack of kindness breeds intolerance, injustice and inhumanity; kindness grows trust, friendship, and a common sense of community.”

Small Kindness was founded in 1999 by Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens. Yusuf was invited to the Balkans by a friend, where he observed first-hand the dire conditions facing so many people in the region.

The situation inspired him to act. So he did, launching Small Kindness as the vessel through which he would do so. Small Kindness has since established its services to help people in many other countries, including the UK.

“Our aims are to have fun, be kind and inspire as many people as possible to do the same. Performing both small and large-scale Random Acts of Kindness is what we do. It’s a great privilege to be able to work together with so many kind volunteers, companies and charities to make so many people happy.”